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Saturday 14th September 2024

UFC 306

The Sphere, Las Vegas, United States
ESPN Pay Per View & TNT Sports 1
Main Card
Aldana vs Dumont
3 Rounds @ Women’s Bantamweight
Pereira vs Hernandez
3 Rounds @ Middleweight
Resell Tickets
$2507 - $0
$2613 - $2613

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Venues for the Ultimate Fighting Championship

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is the most renowned institution that has organized Mixed Martial Arts since its popularity in the 1990s. Its great marketing and dynamic fighters have attracted a wide fanbase globally, and Las Vegas is no different.

Las Vegas is the mother of UFC. There are pay-per-view fight events held regularly in different venues in Las Vegas. If you are a fighting fan or a tourist looking for a UFC and MMA fight in Las Vegas, there are many events you can attend.

T-Mobile Arena

The T-Mobile Arena is a great venue to watch a UFC match because of its large size and the fact that it is in the heart of the Vegas Strip. This arena is found in Las Vegas, Nevada, with 13 MMA bouts.

boxing fight event in t-mobile arena las vegas

It is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has an octagon enclosure.



UFC APEX Arena in Las Vegas

Guide to UFC & MMA Tickets in Las Vegas

Nothing is more satisfying than when an MMA lover purchases a ticket to witness the big fights. You will create memories that linger in your mind forever from the fans roaring as they cheer their preferred fighter. The thrill of being part of the crowd when sports history is made from unforeseen events is worth every penny of buying a ticket.

This MMA ticket guide shows how to attend and make your ticket money worthwhile.

Planning Your Trip Around the Show

Almost all major airlines fly from different cities in America, landing in Las Vegas. Prices keep fluctuating and will rise during the Vegas peak season, Spring, and fall in the winter.

You can opt to drive to Las Vegas if you reside on the west coast. It will take you less than four hours to go from Los Angeles, while from San Diego or Phoenix, it will take five or fewer. There are also bus services from those cities, but arriving in Las Vegas will take longer.

Best Place to Sit

There is nothing more disappointing in an MMA fight than sitting where you don’t have a clear vision of the actions. The seat location in the stadium determines the price of Las Vegas UFC tickets. The more expensive the ticket is, the clearer the view you will get.

This section will discuss the various seating options available at UFC fights. Each area has its advantages and disadvantages, which may determine the atmosphere and people around you and affect your sight.

The arrangement of seats in MMA fights is grouped into five areas in the stadium.

1. Cage – Side

Cage side seats are the seats closer to the cage, which makes you feel that you are in the middle of the fight. They are mainly the first ten rows right next to the octagon. Cage side seats are the best in the arena.

If you love to hear every blow land, you should purchase cage-side tickets since you are placed a meter away from the action. You will listen to the kind of instructions coaches give and hear words fighters say to their opponents.

These seats are the most coveted and are mostly reserved for high-profile fans. Journalists and fight promoters are found in this region. In some significant MMA fights, these seats are not open to the general public; if availed, they are costly.

One disadvantage of these seats is that your sight elevation will be lined around the cage floor. The MMA platforms are built on an elevated level such that when you are seated, you may feel like you are looking up the entire match.

2. Floor Seats

Floor seats are next to the cage side seats but a little farther from the cage. If you cannot acquire a cage side seat, floor seats are your next best Las Vegas UFC tickets.


  • They are the next close seat to the cage after the cage side.
  • You will feel the sound of the kicks and punches.
  • There is a chance to interact with MMA royalty and celebrities


  • People in front of you may block your sight
  • The seat tickets are expensive
3. Centers: First Tier Risers

Most MMA event arenas are Oval-shaped, which means there is a significant difference between corner and center areas. The oval minor and major axis also have some differences. Since the cage is placed in the center of the oval, the seats in the minor axis are the closest tiered seats.

The center of the two longest sides of the oval is the minor axis, while the major axis is the center of the two shorter sides of the oval.


  • You won’t be blocked by standing fans
  • You will have the best view of the arena


  • Mostly, these seats are farther from the cage than the floor seats.
4. Corners First-Tier Risers

These are one of the Las Vegas UFC tickets you should avoid. The first-tier corner seats are located farther from the cage, where there is likely to be broadcasting or structural obstructions limiting your view. The distance will be longer if you attend fights in bigger arenas.


  • They are the cheapest first-tier tickets.
  • Elevated viewpoint; hence no blockage from the standing audience


  • The view from these seats in large arenas is not worth the price
  • Camera arms and pillars may block your view.
5. Nose Bleeds: Second-Tier Risers

The second tier of the rising seat is usually found in large venues. They are located after the first tier, and the distance away from the cage will increase with the venue size.


  • The tickets are cheap
  • Party atmosphere. Filled with partying and fun-loving audience


  • The fight sounds are inaudible
  • The fight details are faded from the stands

Online vs Box Office

You can purchase the UFC tickets online or at the box office at the door venue.
The majority of MMA tickets are sold online on your preferred ticket site. The tickets are usually posted around a month earlier before the event. If you buy a ticket online, you can receive it via email and print it later.

The second online platform is the resale sites. You will find many second-hand tickets for significant MMA fights from people who couldn’t attend the event due to emergencies. The second-hand site allows people to resell seat tickets to people who didn’t manage to get the first ticket. However, these resale sites often lead to significant ticket price inflation, especially if they are the only remaining tickets.

On the other hand, if you fail to buy an online ticket, you can still purchase one at the box office at the arena door on the fight day. However, unless you are convinced that the tickets are not entirely sold, relying on box office tickets is always a risk. It is always good to purchase the ticket online to avoid inconveniences.

UFC Ticket Tips

The price of Las Vegas UFC tickets is determined by the seat position and your proximity to the cage. However, other factors make the cost fluctuate.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ticket prices fluctuate depending on the seating position and the demand and supply of the ticket. Typically, you can find MMA tickets for as less as $64, with the average price being $208.
On your preference ticket site
  • At the door
  • On a resale site
  • VIP tickets
An events tickets are made public a few months before the fight. If you want a ticket for the next UFC event near you, visit the ticket section to purchase one.
You may still be able to purchase a ticket at the venue’s door, especially for non-celebrity MMA fights. However, you should only take these chances if you are convinced the event will not sell out.
The ticket price ranges between $65 and $1,500 for a UFC fight night at the cage side. However, the price range will differ depending on the event’s popularity.
Las Vegas UFC Schedule

Saturday 10th August 2024

UFC Fight Night: Tybura vs. Spivac 2

UFC Apex, Las Vegas, United States
ESPN+ & TNT Sports 1
Tybura vs Spivac
3 Rounds @ Heavyweight
Main Card
Errens vs Zalal
3 Rounds @ Featherweight
Santos vs Chandler
3 Rounds @ Women’s Bantamweight

Saturday 24th August 2024

UFC Fight Night

UFC Apex, Las Vegas, United States
ESPN+ & TNT Sports 1
Main Card
Kopylov vs Ferreira
3 Rounds @ Middleweight
Shahbazyan vs Meerschaert
3 Rounds @ Middleweight
Morales vs Magny
3 Rounds @ Welterweight
Hill vs Ricci
3 Rounds @ Women’s Strawweight

Saturday 7th September 2024

UFC Fight Night: Burns vs. Brady

UFC Apex, Las Vegas, United States
ESPN+ & TNT Sports 1
Burns vs Brady
5 Rounds @ Welterweight
Main Card
Kattar vs Nelson
3 Rounds @ Featherweight
Andrade vs Silva
3 Rounds @ Women’s Flyweight
Schnell vs Costa
3 Rounds @ Flyweight

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