Historical Boxing & MMA Tours

Las Vegas is a great tourist vacation destination for its many attractions. This wonderful city has something for everybody, including fighting enthusiasts and fans! Vegas is home to some of the best boxing and MMA tours, where visitors can tour the different boxing clubs and take in the history behind them!

The Vegas Fight Tour takes you into the amazing world of MMA and Professional Boxing. You will have the opportunity to see Johnny Tocco’s Ringside Boxing Gym, which is famous for being the location where Sonny Liston and Mike Tyson trained. The Mayweather Boxing Club is another tour destination most famous for training Floyd, or “Money” Mayweather. Later in the tour will be the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame, City Athletic Boxing, and Xtreme Couture. You will have the chance to tour each of these facilities, take some photos, and even meet some of the current best fighters!

This Las Vegas fight tour will give you an insider’s tour of the behind-the-scenes of Professional Fighting. The locations you will see are meant to allow you to experience the history of professional boxing and MMA fighting. In this tour, you will visit the One Kick Nick Gym, where Nick D. Blomgren has created over 15 World Champions. You will also see the Fight Capitol MMA, which produced Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz. The next stop will be a Syndicate Mixed Martial Arts training facility which will tell you the story of Syndicate fighting history. Lastly, you will get the chance to see the Mayweather Promotions Boxing Club. This tour will then take you to where they make the fight trucks and banners for the fighters and give you the chance to customize and order your very own!

The Ultimate Las Vegas Fight Tour will take you to see where it all began. This tour is a three-hour experience of more behind-the-scenes activities. They will show you what the best fighters do before their fight by visiting Sin City Gyms like Johnny Tocco’s, Xtreme Couture, Wand Fight Team Gym, and Mayweather Boxing Club. They will dive deep into the history of MMA and Boxing and how it contributes to the city of Las Vegas.

Boxing and MMA Tour Packages

Vegas Fight Tour

You can purchase tickets to this fight tour for $179.00 per person. The guides will shuttle your group to the four famous gyms as well as the Mayweather Boxing Club and City Atlantic Boxing. Then he or she will delve into the rich history behind each facility and give you a chance to purchase posters and apparel at the Las Vegas Fight Shop. The tour will last approximately three hours and begins at 11:00 in the morning. They will provide free water and give the chance to meet some of today’s top fighters. You might even get an exclusive discount on some of their swag!

Let's Get Touring!

These tours have a few locations in common and are very similar in price. But the reviews will guide you as to which tour option would be the best for you and your family! Visit the Fight Capital of the World on your next vacation and dig into the rich history of Boxing and MMA fighting with the Boxing tours Las Vegas has to offer!

Las Vegas Fight Schedule

Friday 21st June 2024

Boxing: Espinoza vs Sanchez

Fontainebleau Las Vegas, Las Vegas, United States
ESPN+ & Sky Sports Action
Espinoza vs Sanchez
12 Rounds @ Featherweight
WBO World Featherweight Championship
Main Card
Cortes vs Nova
10 Rounds @ Super Featherweight
Isley vs Martinez
10 Rounds @ Middleweight