Lovemore Ndou, the former three times and two division world boxing champion makes his MMA debut on December 1st at the Newcastle Panthers Club.

When asked what style he will be bringing into the cage he simply answered ‘Gangnam Style’.

“Look, I’m still a novice in MMA. I’m still to create a style so for the time being I will stick to ‘Gangnam Style’.

Ndou who is trained by the well-renowned martial arts whiz, Igor Brackenback, at Bondi Junction says he is excited but nervous at the same time about his MMA debut against Aswin Cabuy.

“I’m glad though that I’m nervous. It means I’m not underestimating my opponent. I’m getting the same feeling I had about 28 years ago when I made my boxing debut. I was so nervous but I went out there and knocked my opponent out so quick. So don’t be surprised if I go out there and break my opponent’s arm within a few seconds in that cage. I’m still learning and improving my grappling skills but do not underestimate me. I can be a snake in the grass when it comes to fighting.”

The boxing lawyer with a renowned eye for pretty girls is the first one to admit that his wrestling skills still need a lot of work.
“Yes I haven’t done much wrestling so far but I’m working on it.

According to one of his close friends, JC, who has traveled around the world with the boxer who is well-known for his amazing fitness and a body like a Greek god, he once missed a training session while preparing for one of his fights in America.

“When we didn’t hear from him by 3pm we started getting worried. The phone in his room wasn’t working and so was his mobile phone. It was unlike him to miss a training session. He is in fact known for waking up his sparring partners at odd hours like 2am to go train or run. We then decided to go knock on his door. Just as we were about to knock on the door it opened and we couldn’t believe what we saw. A well known Victoria Secret model walked out of the room and past us. The room looked like twenty sumo wrestlers had just had a contest in there. The rest is history.”

“I like her fighting style and I like her approach to fights. When asked if he would take her on in a cage fight the former world boxing champion said he would pay to get his arm broken by her as long as she doesn’t break the wrong leg.

“I will happily let her break my arm as long as I get to smell her perfume. I have sparred some of the prettiest female fighters from the boxing world. I will happily wrestle her he said with a smile in his face.
“But seriously speaking I think she is a great fighter. I enjoy watching her fights. They should call her the ‘arm breaker’ because she is so good at it”, said Ndou.

Ndou is again donating his entire purse from his MMA debut to a kids’ charity. “I will continue to fight the good fight. Fight for our youth. I have said it before and I will say it again, every child deserves a better start in life and I will continue to fight for these kids”.

The former world boxing champion will walk into that cage in his debut with the Bible Verse 1Peter 3:13-14 printed on his MMA trunks. The verse reads ‘Who is going to harm you if you are eager to do good? But even if you should suffer for what’s right you are blessed. “Do not fear what they fear; do not be frightened.”


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